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New to Your Electric Cooperative?

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It’s easy for us “old-timers” to forget that sometimes we speak a different language out here in Co-op Country, a language not familiar to many of our newer members. If you’re a new member of South Plains Electric Co-op, you may not even be aware that you’re much more than a mere “customer” until you’ve had a personal interaction with a Co-op employee who works for you.

History Helps Co-ops Stand Strong

Dale Ancell and Jodey Arrignton Staff

This month, I found some insight to share from Co-op Historian Ted Case, who is the executive director of the Oregon Rural Electric Cooperative Association. His books, Power Plays and Poles, Wires and War, describe the effect electric co-ops have had on national policy since the 1930s. Case recently talked with Paul Wesslund from the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association about what the history of electric co-ops means for members.