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Co-ops: Focused on Service, Not Profits

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Now, as always, it’s a good time to be a member of an electric cooperative.

Not only are co-ops locally owned and controlled—by you, the members—they are locally run to serve your needs.

While many Texas electricity customers pay their power bills to companies that answer to faraway stockholders who demand a healthy profit every quarter, local members call the shots for electric co-ops.

Please Answer the Call

A brand new year is upon us and we at South Plains Electric Cooperative are continuing our quest to provide safe, reliable electric service at the lowest possible cost, along with responsive and timely member service. We believe the best way to accomplish these goals is to solicit feedback from our membership.

Minimum of $20K in Scholarships

Do you want to go to college?

Every year we award scholarships to aspiring young men and women to help make their college dreams a reality.

Are you a member of South Plains Electric Cooperative?

If you’re a graduating high school senior attending a qualifying school and are a member or a spouse, child or stepchild of a mem­ber, or child whose legal guardian is a member, you’re eligible for one of our $1,000 scholarships!

Sow the Holiday Spirit All Year Long

Concern for Community, a founding principle in the cooperative world, particularly resonates with many of us during the holidays. And it’s no wonder, what with all the requests to donate time and resources to charitable causes late in the year. We at South Plains Electric Cooperative encourage our members to give to the causes they hold dear and in whatever ways they can. We’d also like to issue a gentle reminder that many agencies and organizations struggle to keep afloat at other times of the year when offerings aren’t so abundant.

West Texas Hero Homes


In 2010, the West Texas Home Builders Association established the non-profit organization West Texas Hero Homes.

The mission of this charity is to take care of our returning military and first responders who have sacrificed so much for our freedom by providing mortgage-free homes to disabled heroes and their families in the Lubbock area. Proceeds from the annual Parade of Homes and the Home and Garden Show go toward the building of these homes.