Making Life Better

Making Life Better

February 10, 2017

What would make life better in our service territory? More jobs? Better health care? Improved parks? Access to faster internet? Renewable energy options? Those are improvements that could benefit everyone in the area.

South Plains Electric Cooperative exists to power communities and empower you, our members, to improve your quality of life. The cooperative business model offers the perfect tool for tackling tasks too big for one person to handle alone, but we need a common purpose to effectively wield the power of cooperation.

Think about the impact electricity had on rural areas eight decades ago. People began living longer because they no longer had to work from dusk to dawn at backbreaking chores. Farm production jumped. Running water, lights and better food storage became possible—and with those leaps, our ancestors had new opportunities.

A few of you might remember our beginnings from your younger days, so you know full well the power of neighbors uniting behind a common purpose. Yet most of our members weren’t around when this area rolled up its sleeves and worked together to get the lights on, when cooperation changed the landscape of the communities we serve.

Does that mean we don’t need a cooperative anymore? Is our job done? Are there no more challenges left, no roadblocks to a brighter future for our children? What should come next for us?

That’s up to you.

South Plains Electric is more than a power provider. We’re proof that when folks unite with a single focus, they can turn dreams into reality and make lives better. We have been supporting the growth of Lubbock and continue to be a vital partner in sustaining our smaller communities.

I hope you have the opportunity to participate in our member survey. Even though we have a very open dialog with our members, the biennial phone survey helps us learn how we can continue to safely deliver reliable electric service at the lowest possible cost and always with superior member service. We will share the survey results with you in an upcoming issue of the magazine, so look for them!

We exist today because cooperative members like yourself decades ago believed they could turn darkness into daylight. And 80 years later, we are proud to serve a group of members with that same pioneering spirit. We are also training the next generation of employees so the Cooperative traditions are never lost.

Please let me know what else we can do for you!

Dale Ancell


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